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What happens when you create great amateur sports for men but forget about the women? Well you ask for some real trouble!

The huge success of the School Dads Cricket championship brought plenty of women to watch the games – most of them being wives and partners of the playing Dads. So we just had to create a Sports IP for the School Mums and the one sport that came to mind, a sport that is played in ever 
school in Mumbai, is Throwball.
If you are a School Mum who is 25 years old and want to relive that euphoria of playing Throwball again, then look no further and register for the Bayside Sports School Mums Throwball Championship today! Introduced in January 2016, this interschool tournament is exclusively for mums, to return to the fold of throwball and relive fond memories! Form a squad of 7 – 10 players with fellow School Mums and represent your child’s school on the court! Held at premium Astro Turfs across Mumbai this tournament has witnessed turf wars between Cathedral John and Cannon School, JB Petit, Gopi Birla, Bombay International School, Hill Spring International, Bombay Scottish, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Ascend International and other renowned IB and ISCE schools from Mumbai. The tournament is refereed by professionals associated with the Mumbai Amateur Throwball Assocation (MATA) and played in a league and knockout format. All players are given personalised jerseys and can be provided with other customised accessories and coaching assistance on request.

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