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Important Points To Be Remembered

  1. Players to show sportsmanship throughout the tournament

  2. Players to login by using Gmail id (official or personal), players can also use Facebook credentials to sign up

  3. Players to use their real names as username for the game

  4. Fancy names will not be entertained.

  5. Players cannot play any practice games (or any other game) on Saturday (the day of tournament) between 12 Noon to 5 PM

  6. Tournament day is Saturday; timings are 2 PM to 4 PM

  7. Once the tournament starts players will play only against their opponent as per the draws

  8. Both the players should be online and then 1 of the players will send the challenge to the opponent

  9. When sending the challenge all the fields should be checked beforehand. If anyone is found guilty of manipulating or trying to manipulate with the fields they will be disqualified and cannot participate any further in the tournament.

  10. Once the game starts no player can abort the game or leave the game, if someone leaves a game it will be counted a loss for them

  11. Players to take screenshots of the result and share it with the management (on WhatsApp or on email, whatever is convenient)

  12. Queries if any, should be brought up to management 2 days prior to the game day. Any delay will not be entertained.

  13. In case of any emergency, if a player wants to reschedule, he/ she has to get back to management 2 days prior to their game. (max by Wednesday). Management then will take a call depending on the circumstances.

  14. Being an online tournament, we will follow the rules as per the service provider. (there will be no external referees)

  15. In case a player feels there is some issue with the technical aspect he can bring it to the management then the management takes a call on what can be done.

  16. Players to check their internet connectivity, if a game is aborted or a player loses his connectivity to the game it will be calculated as a loss for that player if the game is not completed.

  17. If there are any technical issues in between the game’s management won’t be held responsible.

  18. Players can report the issue and then management will take a call on what can be done

  19. Management advice the players to play using the laptop on Google Chrome (browser) for the best experience

  20. Management’s decision will be the final decision.

Game Rules

  1. Player should look for the opponent and send him a challenge (PPT has been shared for better understanding)

  2. Once you click on send challenge a dialog box appears, enter the below details

  • Choose custom game

  • In time it should be made sure players choose Live and not Daily as the option

  • Time – 60 mins (click on time → More → Custom → 60 mins)

  • Type – Standard

  1. Players can mutually decide who takes white or black beforehand

  2. To choose white or black click on Options – then choose black or white

  3. Players can keep it to random if they don’t come across a conclusion on who takes white and who gets black.

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