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Football is the fastest growing sport in India today with more children taking to the sport than ever before. The world’s most popular sport is beginning to give Cricket a run for its money in India. And
leagues such as the EPL, La Liga, Serié A and others are definitely spurring on the popularity of the beautiful game.


To keep with our tradition of bringing parents back to sport, Bayside Sports created the School Dads Football Championship in 2017. If football is your passion and you are a School Dad who is 33 years old and above then lace up your studs and roll up your socks to represent your child’s school at the
Bayside Sports School Dads Football Championship! Form a squad of 6 - 10 players with fellow School Dads to shoot to glory or defend until victory! This tournament is played across premium Astro Turfs in Mumbai in 6 vs 6 format with 15 minute halves. Introduced in 2017, Don Bosco International, Apostolic Carmel, Bombay Scottish, Beacon High School, Billabong High International School, Ascend International, Oberoi International are among the schools who have participated in the tournament. All players are given personalised jerseys and can be provided with other customised accessories and coaching assistance on request.

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