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“Cricket is not just a game. It’s an emotion”

It is with this in mind that we came up with the Bayside Sports School Dads Cricket Championship (BSSDCC). It was the brainchild of the founders – Kyan Bharucha and Vishal Gokani, who are cricket enthusiasts and childhood friends that enjoyed playing cricket since their young days. They started the company with the intent of coaching children through their academy, but all the while they missed playing cricket at a competitive level themselves. In 2013, after over 25 years of cricket at an amateur level and having coached kids through the Bayside Sports Academy, they had an epiphany where they decided to create a competition that allows cricket-loving Dads such as themselves to re-live their former glory days as young cricketers. That’s when the BSSDC came into being.

It started off on a fairly small scale, with just 4 teams in 2013. It went up to 8 teams in 2014, followed by 16 teams in 2015 and then 32 teams in 2016, which became the average number of teams for the corresponding years as well. Till date, there have been 6 seasons of the BSSDCC and each year is bigger and better than the last. This tournament has allowed the vast network of sport loving Dads in Mumbai, to get connected to other like-minded individuals, and greatly develop the overall sport community in Mumbai by combining modern technology with amateur cricket.

In addition to getting exposed to healthy competition, the dads are also provided with stats for each respective season that they can refer to, in order to keep tabs on their progress as a player. Live streaming and match scores are also provided to the players, along with team jerseys, photos.

Cricket at Bayside has further expanded over the years into the following IPs:

Our Cricket IPs

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