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Playing Conditions


General Code of Conduct

Dear Player,

We are sure you will agree that there is no single individual or body that is greater than The Game.

In case of any technical issue with the website/game Management will not be held responsible as we using third party interface and not property owned by Tournament Management.

On behalf of organizing committee, we wish all the participating players the greatest of success and plenty of thrilling moments in close games.

Rules & Regulations


  1. Players to visit

  2. Players should sign up or Login in on the website (Players to use their real names only)

  3. Once players sign up/login they will be required to join Club (Steps are shown in the PPT attached separately)

  4. Once each registered player has joined the club, the draws will be made and shared with players

  5. Tournament matches will be played once a week on Saturday 2-4pm. On the day of the tournament players cannot play others game (Practice or friendly) to avoid being late for their actual tournament game.

  6. The draws will be shared in advance (who plays whom)

  7. On the day of the tournament, Player should challenge their opponents to start playing the game. 

  8. Challenges should be sent once both players are online to be fair on both sides.

  9. Buffer time to accept the challenge will be 2 minutes.

  10. If a person doesn’t accept the challenge under 2 minutes the challenger will be declared winner.

  11. After the game is over player should share screenshot of the results.(via email / or on WhatsApp group)

  12. In case of a draw or tie there will be another quick game of 10 mins.

  13. The draws will be made on a random basis.

  14. If a player is not available or cannot participate on the given game day it has to be conveyed to the management at least 2 days prior to game day with proper reasoning. The game can be rescheduled as per next slot or any convenient time agreed by the 2 players.

  15. After each round is over the next draws will be shared 3 days prior to the next day of the tournament.

  16. In case of internet issues, the management will not be held responsible. (players to check their internet connectivity well in advance)

  17. If a player goes out of the game due to internet issues, the other player will be declared winner

  18. Management decisions will be the final decision.


Game Format

  1. Each player will get Min 2 games to play.

  2. There will be first round where every player will play with their opponent (Given in schedule). Winner of the first round will qualify for Platinum Championship and Loser of the first round will qualify for Gold Championship.

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