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Buddies Bash

The success of the School Dads Cricket Championship led to a revolution in amateur cricket in Mumbai. Suddenly the floodgates were opened and every amateur who had been kept away from the game due to circumstances wanted to get more and more of the beloved sport. Now that the Dads had played for their schools, they grew to know and respect opponents from other schools. Good friendships were formed and there was a need to form teams and play together (not necessarily representing the same school this time).

This was the birth of the Bayside Sports Buddies Bash, a T-20 cricket tournament for gentlemen who are cricket enthusiasts and raring to play the sport competitively. If you are 33 years old and above and ready to compete against ace talent then this is the tournament to test the true mettle of your team! Bring along your gully cricket or club buddies and simply form a squad of 15-17 players to play! Held annually, this tournament is played across stand-alone professional floodlit cricket grounds such Air India (Kalina), Central Railway Ground (Parel) and others in the city in a league and knockout stage format. All players are given personalised jerseys and can be provided with other customised accessories and coaching assistance on request.

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