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Bayside Sports Quiz Alert 

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Hey Baysiders, let’s see how well you know your Bayside community and sports in general! 

Between 8th April 2020 and 8th May 2020 (both days included), each day we will post a question with 4 possible answers. Pick the correct one and win 100 Baysos 🤩 

Yes that’s our new currency (not to be confused with Jeff Bezos 👨🏻‍🦲 or besos - i.e. “kisses” 😙 in Spanish). 

Gather up all the Baysos possible and at the end of the month we will announce the top Female and Male players of the month as well as player standings! 


Rules and other details:
1. Questions will be related to individual players of Bayside, teams of Bayside and Global / Indian Sports in general 

2. Questions will be posted at 12 noon daily on Bayside’s IG & Facebook as posts and as stories

3. You must submit your answer by 11:00 am on the following day,  before the next day’s question is posted (any answer posted after 11am will not be considered) 

4. Your answer will only be considered valid if you direct message (DM) us on FB or IG - shouting out answers in public is not permitted, smarty pants! 🧠👖  

5. The winner (or winners) of the previous day’s question will be announced by 11:30am, before the new day’s question is posted

6. HINT: The answers might be found on our older Instagram & Facebook posts, our website, our App, global sports news networks and of course based on your experience playing with us (No bribing of Bayside colleagues is permitted, although you might be able to entice us with packets of Maggi noodles these day) 🍜

7. One (1) Bayso is equal to 1 INR i.e. a correct answer is worth Rs. 100! Once you reach 1,000 Baysos or 10 correct answers, you can use these Baysos as actual cash discounted towards your participation in future Bayside tournaments! (See Ts & Cs below)

Terms & Conditions:
1. You must have a minimum of 10 correct answers or 10x100 = 1,000 Baysos by the last day (8th May 2020) to be able to use this towards our tournaments. (Don’t worry, our currency is rock solid and will never be devalued! If you have less than 1,000 Baysos, fear not, as we will continue these quizzes through the year. Each time you complete a 1,000, you may redeem these towards a tournament.)


2. Tournaments = any Bayside IP or Bayside created tournament (see list below) and new Bayside IPs that might be created in the future.

3. These Baysos are not applicable to Members Premier Leagues for Clubs, Corporate or Community events and other such events for which Bayside is hired as a management company

4. Players from one Bayside team cannot combine their Baysos to get to  1,000 Baysos and lower the team's entry fees - _nice try guys! 🧐 (example - 3 guys with 400, 400 and 200 Baysos are not permitted to combine and get to 1,000 Baysos because Baysos are applicable to individuals only, not towards a team’s future payments. 

5. However if 4 team mates each have 1,000 Baysos, then they can use these 4,000 Baysos towards the overall team fees - this will bring you good Karma and maybe get a higher batting spot in the team as well!_ 🤞🏼

6. The Baysos cannot be used to purchase retail (balls, bats and other equipment / apparel) sold by Bayside Sports

7. At this time, redemption of Baysos towards our Cricket & Football Academy is not permitted

8. Baysos are non transferable from 1 player to another including players from the same family like a husband to a wife or vice versa - guys, we know our Baysos are priceless, but don’t be cheap, gift her diamonds instead! 🤭

So, let’s get cracking!


List of Included tournaments
1. Bayside Sports School Dads Cricket Championship
2. Bayside Sports School Dads Football Championship 
3. Bayside Sports School Mums Throwball Championship 
4. Bayside Sports Buddies Bash 
5. Bayside Sports Summer T20
6. Bayside Sports Summer Slam 
7. Bayside Sports Elite Club Cricket Championship 
8. Bayside Sports School Dads Cricket League

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